Avery Dennison & The Speed of Trust


Avery Dennison – Speed of Trust session for Marketing and R&D.
The Avery Dennison is an International company that has the European HQ in The Netherlands. Part of their internal Academy is the Speed of Trust process.
MVNP was asked to facilitate the Speed of Trust training for the R&D / Marketing team. Before MVNP started they had a meeting with the manager of the team to discuss the purpose and the outcome of the session. From that discussion MVNP tailored the Speed of Trust training a little bit with some Avery Dennison language and challenges.
On june 14th the R&D / marketing team experienced the Speed of Trust session. The challenge with the subject of Trust is that it is difficult to talk about. Therefore the Speed of Trust training correlates change in behaviour with growing of lowering trust. That day the team talked and experienced their own behaviour that could grow or lower trust in relationships, teams and companies.
MVNP together with Avery has evaluated the session and Avery decided to keep working with MVNP for the Speed of Trust training.